Does Google want to have another pop at social notworking? - Techeye

Does Google want to have another go at social notworking? If rumours over the weekend are to be believed then the answer could be yes. According to rumour-prone Digg co-founder, Kevin Rose, Google could be launching a social networking site called Google Me.

He wrote on his Twitter page:  "Ok, umm, huge rumour: Google to launch a Facebook competitor very soon "Google Me" very credible source."

We contacted both Google and Facebook. Neither wanted to comment, with a Google representative telling us: "There are always so many Google rumours going around so we have a corporate policy not to comment on them. Sorry"

However, according to Fastcompany: "Kevin Rose is almost as well known for his breaking of rumours as he is for founding and running Digg--his predictions, especially as regards Apple products, have often been unnervingly on the mark."

For a while now Google has had its fingers in many social networking pies and is always working on new projects, most recently Buzz. It owns Orkut which has a huge market share of the social notworking crowd in South America.

Could Google be looking to expand on Orkut and either relaunch, or create a new service specifically tailored to the North American and European markets?