Boffins hatch out new way to create easy, safe internet -

Boffins at UW are clustered in their smoke filled labs trying to create an internet which is easier and safer for all.

According to Badger Herald - no, really - UW professor Aditya Akella and the team are busy on a project developing "eXpressive Internet Architecture" (XIA).

These are focused on changing "the way website servers operate". Currently browsing a webpage each clicked link downloads data.

While larger sites have the ability to keep all these pages running smoothly, host-based internet architectures will have a devil of a job.

The big idea of the research is to find an alternative to hosting websites without having to rely on a primary server.

If they pull it off the world will get faster and safer web browsing.

Users will not all be downloading information from the same web host and if a main server is down users will still be able to access the information they are searching for.