Marvell introduces 4x4 Avastar to integrate all your WiFi gubbins -

Silicon stalwart Marvell, otherwise known as Mei Man or "beautiful harmony", has introduced the Avastar 88W8764, which it claims is the world's first 4x4 single die 802.11n which can run a tonne of wireless channels on a single chip.

4x4 means it has four independent transmit-receive RF chains. So it can integrate with enterprise access points, home routers, media and mobile servers, digital TVs, set top boxes and service provider gateways.

Marvell boasts that the 88W8764 stands out from the crowd because of its performance - the single die adds a fourth transmit-receive chain to make sure delivery of high performance data rates is all smooth. It can put data in the way of the client using the Tx beamforming capacity - improving link robustness from 1x1 through to 4x4s. 

It supports three Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) spatial streams enabling up to 450 Mbps data rates. This means it's got stable high order 802.11n Modulation and Coding Scheme, or MCS, data rates while it also supports the nationa Chinese standard for Wireless LANs, WiFi Direct, Space Time Block Coding and Tunnel Direct Link Setup.

Marvell hopes to build on its established stamping ground in the enterprise space as well as consumer and mobile applications. Beautiful Harmony says that the way it can communicate between connected devices is a real step ahead of the pack.