This coming week at the Intel Developer Forum the chip company is going to talk non-stop, tick tock, about its Sandy Bridge architecture.

TechEye will be going there and reporting what Intel will have to say.

But it's traditional for AMD to try and leverage Intel's clout and marketing money and grab as many journalists who really are there to cover IDF.  In the past AMD has doled out free coffee to journalists, flown planes leaving vapour trails above the conference, and provided limousines for hacks to go see it strut its stuff.

Next week AMD will show off its "Zacate" Fusion chip, it said today. The dual core 18 watt chip includes discrete like graphics on the same die and is aimed at the netbook and notebook market.

AMD said its demo will include full HD streaming online video, online gaming to show off DirectX 11 capabilities, and "accelerated internet browsing".  It says it will demo the offering head to head against AMD and Intel processors.

Zacate, along with Ontario are fabbed up by TSMC while AMD's Llano Fusion chip isn't expected to be available until next year.

This, rather than Intel's "tick tock" cadence is more like a "tick tick" cadence or a "tock tock" cadence. We'll be listening to both AMD and Intel ticking and a-tocking out in San Francisco.