AMD announces 4GB FirePro V9800 graphics card - AMD

AMD has announced its latest graphics card, the FirePro V9800, which it claims is the only card capable of powering six different displays.

The new card comes with a whopping 4GB of GDDR5 memory, making multitasking even easier. It  also comes with an equally impressive 1,600 stream processors, the highest available on a graphics card at the moment, and boasts a 1.25 times increase in compute stream processor performance, as well as a 2.27 times increase in single and double-precision performance.

ATI's EyeFinity technology allows for multi-monitor usage, and the FirePro V9800 has six mini DisplayPort outputs, which means it can power six independent displays from the same card, with a desktop resolution of 5760x2160 possible.

The FirePro V9800 is fully compatible with OpenCL, DirectCompute, and DirectX 11. It also has full 3D support and even has a synchronisation feature to allow four FirePro V9800s to be synchronised together, for added performance.

It's not the kind of card your average gamer is going to pick up and is more aimed towards the digital content creation, computer aided design, and visualisation specialist industries, which may employ a single card to power a number of screens.

“We’ve tested it, and without doubt, the FirePro V9800 is fast, very fast,” said Dr. Johannes Friebe, sales director at Schneider Digital. “Just one card can hold the complete graphic data in only one frame buffer and allows us to drive six monitors without the need for a sync card.”

Of course, this kind of speed doesn't come without a price, and the price for this one is pretty hefty indeed: $3,499. 

There will be hosting a demonstration of the FirePro V9800 at IBC in Amsterdam over the next few days.