Oracle boss is the highest paid CEO -

According to beancounters at executive compensation research firm Equilar,  Oracle's Larry Ellison has emerged as the highest paid CEO in the US.Apparently Larry took home $84.5 million last year.

Out of the total compensation in 2009, Ellison received more than $78 million in stock and options.

Most of Ellison's pay came in the form of stock option awards, which he has made use of recently. In 2008, Ellison exercised a stunning 36 million options, banking $543 million.

The total compensation includes actual salary received, discretionary and performance-based bonus payouts, the grant-date fair value of new stock and option award.

The maker of outragiously priced printer link HP's Mark Hurd  was  ranked fourth.  He only made $24.2 million last year. At the tenth spot is IBM's Samuel Palmisano, who made $21.2 million.  Poor Steve Ballmer who has his children’s college education to worry about apparently failed to make the top ten.